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Plan Walking and Compliance

STUDIO PLUS specialise in PLAN SUBMISSIONS AND COMPLIANCE ON A NATIONAL LEVEL.  We have found that municipalities can be a tedious and time-consuming experience for the client. Usually clients have numerous building plans which needs to be submitted  simultaneously throughout the country. 

We have established stable and healthy relationships with personnel within the various councils. Our representatives visit these councils on a regular basis and fully understand the specific procedures and council requirements.

STUDIO PLUS assist clients to get plans through the system fast, avoid council fines and to legally trade.

Due to a single plan having to go through multiple departments for the “approval stamp”, it becomes a mission to get a plan approved within an acceptable time span for anybody that doesn’t specialise, or understand  the plan-submission and compliance process.

There are 278 municipalities in South Africa, comprising eight metropolitan,44 district and 226 local municipalities.

See our national service map below for just some of the councils we service on a daily basis, but are not limited to. 

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Spatial Design

STUDIO PLUS regularly assist franchisees and retailers with shop layouts by outsourcing our expertise.  We design the internal spaces from shelving and fitting layouts to wall finishes, indicate fire escape routes, do installation drawings and most importantly make sure the shop comply with the SANS regulations.

Spatial planning is retailer specific and we work together with an assigned team from the retailer to make sure we produce exactly what is expected of us and more.

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Architectural Services

Have we mentioned that WE LOVE ARCHITECTURE!  

Residential design is something very close to our hearts.  We don’t just create spaces for people to live in - we create homes in which people build memories. Having a full understanding of how people utilise spaces and move from one space into another, we will design a functional living experience according to the client’s personality. 

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Specialist Drawings

We are contracted by specialists on a regular basis to help them with specialised drawings that they need to send off to Architectural firms. This includes their concept, installation and shop drawings.

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Council Drawing Template

STUDIO PLUS's much sought after COUNCIL DRAWING TEMPLATE has been developed over the past 5 years by our Architectural Team. We also continually define the template on an ongoing basis as and when council requirements change. With our template we COMPRESS information and only issue council with all the relevant drawings and notes they seek onto a single A2 or A1 Sheet.

Doing away with unnecessary information we have found that our submission turnaround time in council drastically reduced. IE. We can take a client’s working drawing of 8, 12 or more pages and compress the information onto OUR ONE PAGER COUNCIL TEMPLATE.

Clients usually confuse working drawings issued for construction for council ready drawings, which they are not. We will gladly convert clients drawings to be council ready - please enquire about this service by sending our Drawing Office Head an email:

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As Built Drawings

Being a fully functional Architectural office, we pride ourselves on the quality of the drawings we produce.

Our clients - mainly other Architectural firms and Town Planners - come back to us time and time again to have projects measured, processed, and drawn in CAD. These drawings require a skilled, qualified and technical-minded person to be able to compile a complete council ready drawing set.

We use the latest technology to assist us with the site survey. This allows us to be on site with minimal disturbance.

Projects that we have worked on vary from industry-leading retailers, boutique hotels in the Bo-Kaap, warehouses, all types of residential and commercial units/blocks, Resorts, and very large (20 000 m²) factories in Atlantis and Epping, Cape Town.

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Occupancy Certificates

What is an Occupancy Certificate?

An Occupancy Certificate is a document that is issued by the Building Control sub-directorate in accordance with the National Building Regulations to certify that a building has been completed in accordance with the approved building plan and all other relevant City Council requirements.

For example, the installation of fire fighting equipment to the approval of the Fire Department, payment of all fees and contributions, approved water and electricity connections etc.

STUDIO PLUS can arrange with the Chief  Building Inspector (for your area) to issue an Occupancy Certificate once 

1. Your building work is complete

2. A final inspection has been conducted by the Building Inspector

3. All other Council requirements have, to the best of your knowledge, been complied with.

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Municipalities we have proudly worked with

There is exactly 278 Municipalities in South Africa, and we work with them all. We have established stable and healthy relationships with personnel within the various councils. Studio Plus has also crossed the border to Namibia and we will soon extend our services to other African Countries too.

The municipal process can be a tedious and time-consuming experience for the client. Usually clients have numerous building plans which needs to be submitted simultaneously throughout the country and we make sure that this process of submission and approval run as smooth as possible.

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